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Explore mediation as an alternative to costly, adversarial litigation.
Virtual and in-person sessions available.

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Maye Mediation, LLC

You're closer than you think...

According to the Horseshoe Theory, parties that appear to be far apart on an issue often share principles that resemble one another - similar to the way that the opposite ends of a horseshoe are close together.

Maye Mediation, LLC leans into the common ground while exploring unresolved areas of difficulty at a pace that is comfortable for you.

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About Us

Legally Competent. Culturally Conscious.

The mission of Maye Mediation, LLC is simple: to support your self-determination while achieving the legal results that work best for you and your family. Your mediator draws on a range of cultural experiences and years of pertinent legal work to provide a safe and supportive space for you to work out your issues. 

For more information or general inquiries, contact us today.

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